About Us

Meet Renowned Media

Ben and Naomi met when Ben was a sophomore in high school and Naomi was in eighth grade. They became friends and hung out in high school, but still had separate friend groups. After Ben graduated, he went back to a football game in the fall and really started flirting with Naomi. They began talking and eventually started dating. She was a high school junior, and Ben was a college freshman.

Ben ended up popping the question about a year after they started dating, and they got married a year later. They’ve had their share of ups and downs, but their story is one they always love sharing.

Renowned Media is passionate about sharing your story through video. Everyone’s story is unique, and we want to be there to capture all the details. Check out our packages and head over to contact us and get the process started!

About Us

Meet Ben

Ben has always had a passion for videography. As a kid, he was given a video camera for Christmas, and began to record everything. He and his friends would come up with skits and create videos to enjoy later.
In 2018, Ben decided to pursue that passion and started Renowned Media. Our goal is to help share your story and create memories that will last forever.

Meet Naomi

Naomi has an eye for design and composition. She sees the beauty in the moment and helps to direct and guide the shoot to capture the magic.
She also helps pick the scenes during the editing process and helps put the final video together.